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Sports, music, and the arts lie at the core of the American dream. They provide us with joy, emotional outlets, and a sense of community. Oftentimes, our athletes and artists hail from places other than our home country of the United States, and in order for them to come here to share their talents and passion, they must go through the U.S. immigration process and be permitted to enter.
The process of coming to the United States begins by submitting a petition for non-immigrant worker, which must be filed by the U.S.-based employer, agent, or sponsoring organization. We work with these employers, agents, and organizations to ensure that the process is thoroughly and properly completed.
If you are an agent or employer wanting to bring talented individuals to the United States to share their abilities, call us at (904) 510-5341. We are your resource for maneuvering the immigration process and bringing your stars to the United States.

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